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About Us

The CEO of Floatel GmbH has been operating Hideaways in the Lotsenturm of Usedom, the Leuchtturm of Dagebüll, and the Wasserturm of Bad Saarow for 10 years. Floatel is composed of CEO Tim Wittenbecher, Marc Nagel, and 6 investors who are excited about their idea. Together, they have set the goal to acquire as many unique and fantastic Hideaways in Europe as possible in the next 10 years, and put them into service. At the moment, there are 3 long-lasting concessions happening for lighthouses in Andalusia – Faro Trafalgar in Cadiz, the Canary Islands – Faro Cumplida of La Palma, and in Asturia – Faro Cudillero in the picturesque fishing port of Cudillero. To add to that, 2 more concessions are being worked on in Italy, one in Puglia – Faro San Domino on the Tremiti Isles, and Faro Imperatore in Ischia. With the Hamburger Hafenkran “Greif”, we are taking it a step further, we are not “by” the water, but literally “on” the water. 



Tim Wittenbecher

Cadiz – Andalusia

One of the most famous, if not the most famous lighthouse in the world. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, the Battle of Trafalgar took place here over 200 years ago, from which Lord Nelson emerged victorious. With Trafalgar, no British Empire. From 2019 it will operate as a Floatel Hideaway. 

La Palma – Canary Islands

With temperatures between 22 and 26 degrees all year, the Canary Islands are the perfect destinations to get away from the every day hustle and bustle. La Palma is the greenest and most beautiful Island in the Canaries. In La Palma stands the oldest Lighthouse of Spain, directly by the raw Atlantic coast. If you look at the lantern at 36 meters height, and see the waves rolling against the rocks, you will know what it means to decelerate and decompress. 

Asturias – North of Spain

Rightfully so, Cudillero was voted the most beautiful village in Spain, and naturally at the end of the upstream cliff stands the lighthouse as the prettiest place in Cudillero. So logically this is the most beautiful location in Spain. The result is a hideaway for 2 couples, which offers a special experience, no matter how the weather is. 

Ischia – Gulf of Naples

It is one of the most beautiful and famous lighthouses in Italy on one of the most beautiful islands in the country. Only 1.5 hours by ferry from Naples, Ischia offers beaches, thermal springs, walks and great food. The lighthouse sits above the famous Neptune Springs and offers 5 couples the opportunity to experience an indescribable view in a magical place.


Faro Spignon once showed the ships the entrance to the lagoon of Venice. Lange threatened to sink the approximately 200 square meters large island with the disused lighthouse until Floatel presented to the government a concept to revive the magical place. From 2019 a refuge for romantic couples will be created here.

Tremiti Island – Puglia

The lighthouse was the favorite place of Lucio Dalla and already the target of a Libyan attack by Gadafi. The 3 tiny islands in the Adriatic have a long and eventful history. Its beauty is second to none and the San Domino lighthouse will be the most beautiful place for a hideaway imaginable. Difficult to describe with words.